In April of 2016, Sheriff Mark Dannels entered into a partnership with the Cochise Technology District CTED (Career and Technical Education District) to support instruction and resources to local high schools supporting the mission of the Arizona Department of Education's Career and Technical Education (CTE) Law and Public Safety program.

Sheriff Dannels appointed Deputy Forest Hauser to be the Sheriff’s Office Coordinator for this project. For the first two years of the partnership, Deputy Hauser taught Law & Public Safety classes at three schools--Bisbee High School, Willcox High School, and Valley Union High School. In the fall of 2019, retired Arizona Department of Public Safety Trooper Brian Cooley took over the LPS teaching responsibilities at Bisbee and Valley Union high schools. Willcox Police Department Officer and Student Resource Office Nick Williams assumed the LPS teaching role at Willcox High School as Deputy Hauser headed toward retirement and moved into a role as the lead advisor. Retired Tucson Police Department Officer Mark Marine joined our LPS team as the Benson High School LPS Teacher. Upon Deputy Hauser's retirement in January 2019, Master Deputy Allison Hatfield took on the role of lead advisor/liaison with Cochise County Sheriff's Office and the high schools in Cochise County.

In an open letter to Students and Parents, Sheriff Dannels says,

“Dear Student and Parent/Guardian,

On behalf of the Cochise Technology District and the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, we want to welcome you and your parent/guardian to the Law & Public Safety class.  We’re excited to share with you the exciting profession of Law, Corrections, Security and Public Safety.  We will commit to the welfare and learning processes of your child/student.

Your child has chosen an exciting, fast-paced and relevant class in law and public safety.  This class will expose your child to the rigors of law enforcement, public safety, and corrections which can be considered a “Para-Military” setting.  The priority of career and technical education is to provide the student with real-world experience and preparation.  Your child will experience physical training, defensive tactics, job-related stressors and classroom learning similar to a public safety academy (minus firearms and driving).

Classroom settings include teaching from instructors with real-world law enforcement experience and training and scenario-based learning that includes role players.

Students will be issued equipment that is relevant to this class that they will be responsible for throughout the year.

Please know that the staff who will be working with/training your student are professional and highly experienced in their craft.  Your student will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.  It is our goal to enlighten your student with the basic police training experience.  It is our hope that this will be an enjoyable and memorable year for them.  The care and welfare of your student is our priority.”

CTED Mission Statement

It is our desire to provide and implement this program to high school students who want to succeed and achieve their goals by providing the basic skills, abilities, and knowledge in preparing students for successful entry into the public safety profession at the federal, state, county or local level.  These careers include but are not limited to; law enforcement, corrections, public and private security and various military careers.  They will also be provided with an academic base to enable them to pursue further education (post-secondary) upon completion of the program if they so desire.

It is the desires of CTD and CTE that students are presented with possible career choices and paths and to expose to the elements within the Law Enforcement profession at the Federal, State and Local levels, Corrections profession at the Federal, State and Local levels, Law Practices and Private Security. It is our goal for students to achieve the motivation needed toward enhancing the development of their character.


CTED Successes to date:

Because of this CCSO and CTD partnership along with the support of local high schools, Law & Public Safety students have received:

- Simulated scenarios in collision, crime scene investigation, case law, drug buy/bust, surveillance, fingerprinting and fatality have occurred with the assistance and instruction of expert professionals from Cochise County Sheriff's Office and the Sheriff's Assist Team, AZ Department of Public Safety, Benson Police Department, Willcox Police Department, and Tucson Police Department.

- 55 students currently enrolled in the LPS Program in the four high schools--23 at Benson, 12 at Bisbee, 16 at Willcox, and 4 at Valley Union.

- In the spring of 2018, the Law & Public Safety (LPS) Program certified our first group of students completing the program. Fourteen students successfully passed the Arizona Department of Education's LPS State Technical Assessment and earned an industry certification as a Certified Protection Officer.

- One student has secured employment with the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office Detention Division. 


 Please check with your local high school for participation details, or contact Cochise Technology District on their website,, or at 520-766-1999.

Thank you for your support of our Law & Public Safety Program and the philosophy of Career and Technical Education.  Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have questions regarding your child/student's career training and education.