The Investigation Division of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office, is responsible for the investigation of a variety of specialty criminal cases, such as white collar crimes (identity theft), sexual assaults, crimes against children (such as molestations), robberies, burglaries, arsons and homicides, as well as assisting the patrol division with their investigations, computer crime analysis, officer involved incidents, background and administrative investigations. Also, the division assists other agencies when called upon.

In general, from the time an investigator receives a case, either forwarded through patrol, or assigned as the initial case detective, they begin by gathering and collecting data relevant to the case. A lead investigator is assigned to each case. They are responsible for the overall case but can request assistance from other investigators to accomplish multiple tasks. Each investigator is responsible for all aspects of the investigation to include writing warrants to search properties or obtain physical characteristics of suspects. They conduct interviews with witnesses, suspects, and others who might have information on the case and write applicable reports to be forwarded to the County Attorney's Office. They also work hand-in-hand with the County Attorney's Office to ensure the completeness of the case and its readiness for prosecution.

Throughout the investigation the investigators track their progress by keeping case notes and by writing reports and or supplements regarding their findings. Their reports must be detailed and accurate, since they are often used during court proceedings.

The investigation division's primary responsibility is taking over and handling investigations which are complex or time consuming for patrol deputies to handle. Our goal is to obtain the needed evidence and prepare the case so the legal system can do its job in taking criminals off our streets.