On June 24, 2012 Sheriff Dever, recognizing the inevitable loss of revenue to our agency, made the decision to reorganize the Sheriff’s Office personnel from the Border Alliance Group into a local law enforcement group which will have a more direct and dedicated approach to crime and narcotics activity in our communities.  The Sheriff's Office directive for the newly designed Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) is to continue preparing cases on criminal activity in our neighborhoods and local communities.  This will also include maintaining a close intelligence sharing relationship with other local, state, and federal agencies to manage larger and more in-depth narcotics/smuggling operational investigations.

By creating the CCSO NET, we are better able to dedicate personnel and focus investigations based on our needs with internal oversight and guidance versus federal directives and mandates.  The Sheriff’s Office will continue to solicit information from the public by submitting crime tips to the Sherriff Tips e-mail located on the Sheriff’s office website, through the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, or through calling the NET at 1-800-435-7224.  All information received will remain confidential and all tips will have follow-up completed.

We look forward to the transition of the Narcotics Enforcement Team and we appreciate any help from the public that Helps Us to Help You.       

The Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) has the following seizures since it’s inception:    







4, 314.08 lbs

6.19 lbs

39.4 lbs

26.2 grams