Investigative Services

The Investigation Division of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office, is responsible for the investigation of a variety of specialty criminal cases, such as white collar crimes (identity theft), sexual assaults, crimes against children (such as molestations), robberies, burglaries, arsons and homicides, as well as assisting the patrol division with their investigations, computer crime analysis, officer involved incidents, background and administrative investigations. Also, the division assists other agencies when called upon.

In general, from the time an investigator receives a case, either forwarded through patrol, or assigned as the initial case detective, they begin by gathering and collecting data relevant to the case. A lead investigator is assigned to each case. They are responsible for the overall case but can request assistance from other investigators to accomplish multiple tasks. Each investigator is responsible for all aspects of the investigation to include writing warrants to search properties or obtain physical characteristics of suspects. They conduct interviews with witnesses, suspects, and others who might have information on the case and write applicable reports to be forwarded to the County Attorney's Office. They also work hand-in-hand with the County Attorney's Office to ensure the completeness of the case and its readiness for prosecution.

Throughout the investigation the investigators track their progress by keeping case notes and by writing reports and or supplements regarding their findings. Their reports must be detailed and accurate, since they are often used during court proceedings.

The investigation division's primary responsibility is taking over and handling investigations which are complex or time consuming for patrol deputies to handle. Our goal is to obtain the needed evidence and prepare the case so the legal system can do its job in taking criminals off our streets.

Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET)

On June 24, 2012 Sheriff Dever, recognizing the inevitable loss of revenue to our agency, made the decision to reorganize the Sheriff’s Office personnel from the Border Alliance Group into a local law enforcement group which will have a more direct and dedicated approach to crime and narcotics activity in our communities.  The Sheriff's Office directive for the newly designed Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) is to continue preparing cases on criminal activity in our neighborhoods and local communities.  This will also include maintaining a close intelligence sharing relationship with other local, state, and federal agencies to manage larger and more in-depth narcotics/smuggling operational investigations.

By creating the CCSO NET, we are better able to dedicate personnel and focus investigations based on our needs with internal oversight and guidance versus federal directives and mandates.  The Sheriff’s Office will continue to solicit information from the public by submitting crime tips to the Sherriff Tips e-mail located on the Sheriff’s office website, through the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, or through calling the NET at 1-800-435-7224.  All information received will remain confidential and all tips will have follow-up completed.

We look forward to the transition of the Narcotics Enforcement Team and we appreciate any help from the public that Helps Us to Help You.       

Ranch Patrol

Sheriff Mark Dannels continues his commitment to reach out to all citizens of Cochise County.

On June 3rd, 2013, a new unit within the Sheriff’s Office, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office Ranch Patrol was initiated. The purpose of the Ranch Patrol is to provide a liaison between the ranchers in our county and the Sheriff’s Office Border Interdiction Team, as well as the local federal agencies such as the Border Patrol, DEA and ICE.

County citizens, especially those that are out in the rural areas of our county on a daily basis, have valuable knowledge and intelligence that is extremely useful in combating the human and drug smuggling issues we face. We are looking forward to forming constructive relationships with these ranchers and using the information they can provide.

If you have any information or questions please contact Deputy Mike Magoffin at (520) 384-7055 or at: