Ground Search Teams

Consists of members who perform searches for missing individuals throughout Cochise County. All members of SAR are involved in this team.


Technical Rescue Teams

Handle rescues that deal with hazardous terrain and are responsible of handling haul/lower systems to retrieve fallen and injured hikers/climbers.


Helicopter Team

A few volunteers and coordinators handle the risks of helicopter work, repelling from the helicopter & short hauling injured individuals out of the terrain Cochise County is known for. Certification is performed every three months.


 Swift Water/Dive Team

Take on the challenge when flash flood season arrives, and assist in the recovery of drowning victims from lakes located within Cochise County.


ATV Team

ATV teams are used when a large area needs to be covered in a search. Training is provided by the Cochise County Sheriff's Department and all members are encouraged to become certified.


K-9 Team

K-9 search teams are utilized in the search/recovery of victims through the use of canines ability to catch the scent of the victim and the handlers ability to follow the path.


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