Daniel Stanley Kitchel

Cochise County Treasurer 1931-1934

Daniel Stanley Kitchel was born in Montevideo, Minnesota, May 19, 1886, to parents James Luther Kitchel and Caroline E. Wilson and moved with his family to Texas as a child. Dan attended private prep school in Beaumont, Texas, then was appointed to and passed West Point 1902-1904. His first job was working as a driller in the Beaumont oil fields. When the price of oil dropped to 70 cents a barrel in 1906, Dan moved to Bisbee and worked in the mines as a hoist operator for twenty years. In 1922-1924, he is listed as business partner with R.C. Brown in operating Kitchel and Brown garbage contractors for the City of Bisbee. He was part owner and manager of Palace Undertaking Funeral Home 1924-1926. In 1926-1927 he is listed as the proprietor of Kitchel’s Confectionery located at 38 Main Street in Bisbee.

Mr. Kitchel served as Chief Deputy Assessor for three years, Cochise County Treasurer 1931-1934, Clerk of the Cochise County Superior Court 1935-1954, and served in the Arizona State Senate 1957-1968, retiring in 1969. After a spirited county election on November 19,1929, it was decided at the polls to move the county seat from Tombstone to Bisbee. Bonds in the amount of $300,000 were approved for the construction of the Art Deco structure and the new courthouse was dedicated August 3, 1931, by Governor George W.P. Hunt. Dan Kitchel was Treasurer during the office move from Tombstone to Bisbee.

Dan's first wife Florence Rains Brown died in January 1950. He married his second wife Avery Bell Prater in 1951. The father of a daughter Katherine Rains Kitchel Stuart, a son George Hawley Kitchel and step-daughter Mary John Holmes Phillips, Treasurer Kitchel died July 12, 1984, at the age of 98.

Arizona State Archives #01-9309