Guy Crittenden Welch

Cochise County Treasurer 1919-1922

Guy Crittenden Welch was born at Greeley, Colorado, April 15, 1879, the son of Dr. William Pringle Welch and Theresa Crittenden. Starting in 1873, for many years Dr. Welch was prominent in farming and sheep-raising on a 200 acre ranch in Greeley. Guy attended the Colorado State Normal School, then worked as a clerk in a store and was employed for a short time with a surveying party. On May 1, 1898, Guy enlisted as a volunteer in Company D, First Colorado Infantry, for the Spanish-American War and was sent to the Philippines. After being honorably discharged July 15, 1899, Mr. Welch remained in Manila for five years employed by the American Commercial Company. He returned to the U.S., working for a short time in San Francisco, Seattle and Colorado; then completed a short course at the Colorado University in Boulder.

In 1907, Guy came to Naco, Arizona, where he was employed by the Copper Queen Mining Company Mercantile for three years. He then relocated to Hereford when he accepted a position as bookkeeper and superintendent for the Greene Cattle Company. In 1912, Mr. Welch moved to Tombstone, was appointed Cochise County Undersheriff and on March 23, married Grace Winifred Tarbell. Miss Tarbell was a native of Tombstone and held a MD from the University of California, Los Angeles. The couple had three daughters all born in Tombstone: Ola Florence Welch, December 26, 1912; Dorothy Crittenden Welch, July 13, 1916, and Arlene Theresa Welch, July 4, 1919.

On May 6, 1918, after serving six years as Undersheriff, Guy Welch was appointed Sheriff by the Cochise County Board of Supervisors to replace Sheriff Wheeler who left office and joined the U.S. Army and, since he was in France, "was not caring for or performing the duties of the office of Sheriff." Mr. Welch served eight months as Sheriff.

Mr. Welch was elected Cochise County Treasurer in 1918, serving 1919-1922 as Treasurer as well as being Mayor of Tombstone. In 1923, he moved his family to Long Beach, California, and accepted a position with the New York Life Insurance Company. Again in 1923, he moved; this time to Whittier, and served on the police force from 1923-1938, then relocated to El Monte.

Treasurer Welch served as police captain of El Monte, California, until January 1, 1944, when he retired due to ill health and died February 19, 1944, in El Monte.

Arizona State Archives #98-0488