The Cochise County Treasurer’s Office has mailed out the 2019-2020 property tax bills, with first installments due October 1, and delinquent after November 1.

Residents who receive property tax bills will be able to see a breakdown of all taxing entities in the County, including local municipalities, college and school districts, and any special districts in their area. Contact numbers are provided for each organization, should citizens have questions about the rates that have been set.

Each taxing entity is responsible for setting its own property tax rates through locally elected boards, and those rates are subsequently adopted by the Board of Supervisors, as required under state law.

This year, property owners whose bills are paid through their mortgage company will have received a postcard which also shows a breakdown of their taxes and contact numbers. This is not a bill, but for information purposes only.

“Our goal is to provide property owners with as much detail as possible, so they can see exactly who sets the rates and how their money is being distributed and spent within their communities,” explained County Treasurer Cathy Traywick.

The Treasurer’s office has also provided a comprehensive frequently asked questions page on its website to help residents better understand the process. This can be visited at

Property owners can also pay their bills online, for added convenience, at

Second installments are due by March 1, 2020, and will be delinquent after May 1, 2020.